Lectures in the Medical Education Program are conducted using several strategies, namely, classical lectures, tutorial, and laboratory work. In accordance to the competences, courses in the Medical Education Program are divided into Courses on Character Building (MPK), Courses on Skills and Knowledge (MKK), and Courses on Work Skills (MKB).

  1. Classical Lectures

This method is mostly applied in large classes. Generally, the materials are delivered using this method. When there is a need for further exploration, then, another method is selected.

  1. Tutorial

This method is especially applied in learning modules and integration blocks. This is conducted in small groups, making it possible for a two-way interaction between the lecturer and students.

  1. Laboratory Work

This method is part of most courses, particularly when the course is department-based. By doing practical work, the students’ knowledge is expected to be ingrained. In practical work, students should have been equipped with theories prior to practical work. At the end of the practical work, the students are required to make practical report activities.