Graduates Candidacy Evaluation of Sub Program I

Graduates Candidacy Evaluation of Sub Program I took place on Monday, February 13, 2017. As many as 221 students completing the learning in the Sub-Program I participated in this event. The result was that 197 students passed while the remaining 24 students had to do remedial learning. As with the previous Study Outcome Determination, the ones getting the top 10 best GPA during the study in Sub Program I were selected. These students are ranked as outstanding achievers since they must obtain a high GPA and must not take a remedial learning. Currently, the best GPA achiever is Melisa, with a GPA of 3.96. After completing the Sub-Program I, the students continue their study in the Sub-Program II consisting of semesters 4 and 5. The Coordinator of the Medical Education Program, Maftuchah Rochmanti, dr., M. Kes., advised them to study earnestly during their period in the Medical Education Program.